Monday, February 21, 2011

Out Of The Mouth Of Kindergarten Kids!

This is why I LOVE teaching Kindergarten!!!!!

Mrs. Watson:  "Class, please raise your hands when you are finished writing the answer."
Dalton:  "Mrs. Watson, when my hand is half up, that means I am half done OK?"

Mrs. Watson: " Boys and girls, what is your favorite kind of pie to eat?"
Girl:  "Cherry"
Boy:  "Apple"
Boy:  "Moon Pie"

Mrs. Watson:  "Oh! I love your new shoes."
Boy:  "Mrs. Watson, you better watch out! These shoes can really go fast!"

Mrs. Watson:  "Students, we need to take our bathroom breaks now, please."
Girl:  But, "Mrs. Watson, I took a break at my momma's house."

Mrs. Watson:  "Boys and Girls, please wash your hands. We are going to have snacks now."
Boy:  "I'm so hungry, I'm going to shove it in my whole mouth."
Girl:  "I brought $5.00, so I can get 5 snacks today!"

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