Monday, January 31, 2011

Pattern Blocks A Fun Kindergarten Activity!

My class enjoys making patterns with the pattern blocks. I put some pictures of patterns on the Smartboard and they created the same on their mats with their own pattern blocks. Fun! Fun! Fun!

100th Day of School Pizza Art Project

We loved celebrating the 100th day of school in Kindergarten! The students created a huge pizza with pepperoni, peppers, cheese, and sausage. The students cut out these with red, yellow and green construction paper. I wrote 100 in the center of the pizza and Our Class Pizza at the bottom. -- We read a story in reading about a boy who drew a tree last week. When the boy got to school, he showed the students his tree he drew and they all wanted to add things to his picture. They wrote Our Picture on the paper because everyone drew something on it. -- So my bright little ones came up with the idea to write Our Class Pizza on the pizza they created. Aren't they smart!
I love having my grandson in my class. Here he is working so hard with his classmates.

Kindergarten Kids Love To Play With Junk Tubs

I have collected an assortment of buttons, beads, play money, and small items for the students to work on counting activities. I store these in old PlayDoh tubs which makes for easy viewing when choosing the item they want to count with.
I created these worksheets for this junk tub activity.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Familys Wiggles and Giggles

Technology is awesome. I have been so intrigued with it and I am still amazed each and every day! I became interested in computers in the 80's while teaching 5th grade. I thought the Radio Shack Coco Computer (not sure of the correct name) was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I taught myself how to program simple (basic language) learning games for Jennifer and Sarah like flash cards with their color words and sight words. Now today, I have so many technology pieces to work and play with. At this moment I am creating my first blog, working on February lesson plans for my Kindergarten students and using my laptop to down audio books from the library to listen to while I travel, work and play and just go off the cell phone with my daughters. Yes, technology is awesome, especially the Sony eReader my husband got me for my birthday and the iPod he got for Christmas. I love them SOOOOO much! Thanks Sam.

This past week-end, Sarah and I spent our snowy days scrapbooking and looking at photos. I worked on scrapbooking pages from our trip to Walt Disney World. I can still remember little Erica and Blake saying “Papa, Meme, when will you take us to Disney World?” Well we finally made the trip in 2008. We stayed at Orange Lake West in Kissimmie, Florida. By then we had more grandchildren: Cody, Dalton, Emerson, Dakota and Derringer. Oh my goodness, did we have fun! We sure missed Gerald, he was deployed and could not go. We will take him someday soon!

Papa Sam bought all the little ones colorful flippers and snorkels.
They had so much fun at the resort swimming and playing on the waterslide.

 Off to Disney World!

Kennedy Space Center

So Tired!

Wake Up! We are going to the beach.